Sample Ballot For May 19

Southwest Philadelphia District Ballot Sample

(Tuesday May 19t, 2015 Primary Election)

Mayor Anthony H Williams                                                                66

City Commissioners (vote for not more than 2)

Omar Sabir                                                                                     79

Will Mega                                                                                        74

Tracy Gordon                                                                                  75

Anthony Clark                                                                                 72

Council At Large   (vote for not more than 5)

Blondell Reynolds Brown                                                                  90

Wilson Goode                                                                                  99

Jenne Ayers                                                                                    85

Wilson Alexander                                                                             86

Derek S. Green                                                                               84

Carla Cain                                                                                       89

Your name could be here              #

District Councilperson       (vote for not more than 1)

Jannie L. Blackwell                                                                         101

Kenyatta Johnson                                                                          100

Judge of the Common Pleas Court  (vote for not more than 12)

Deborah Watson Stokes                                                                   54

Tangie Boston                                                                                 49

Leon King II                                                                                    28

Wayne M.D. Bennett                                                                        25

Betsy Wahl                                                                                     44

Shanese Johnson                                                                             39

Stephanie Sawyer                                                                            52

Frances Fattah                                                                                41

Your name could be here        #

Justice of the Supreme Court

Kevin Dougherty                                                                               3

We will have at least two (2) workers at each of our polling place covering parts of Wards 3rd, 27th, 40th, 46th, and 51st

Call:Mike Ross: 267-253-5444

Kevin Horne:    267-586-3599

Ron Holt:         267-847-0506