Board of Directors


President Michael Ross

Director of Public Relations/Communications Kevin Horne

Vice President Alphonso Smith

Director of Public Safety Michael Harris

Director of Job Fairs/Employment Barry Smith

Director of Transitional Housing Eric Smith

Directors of Building Trades Construction Martin Jones & Hanif Groves

Director of Health Education Kevin Crowder

Director of Sports Activities Joseph Reaves

Director of Community Organization

Director of Voter Registration Robert Matthews

Director of Paralegal Services Yahya Bey

Directors of Boxing Program Troy Fletcher & Chris Benjamin

Director of Chess Club Activities Malik Bey

Directors of Prison Outreach Gerald Coleman & James Warren

Directors of Environmental Services William Kevin Bell & Anthony Byrd


Honorary Board Members of Southwest Philadelphia District Services

State Representative James Roebuck

State Representative Ron Waters

State Representative Harold James

State Senator Anthony H. Williams

Congressman Robert Brady

NAACP Philadelphia President Jerry Mondesire



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