SWPDS History

Founded in April of 2007, The Southwest Philadelphia District Services was initially comprised of African-American men who were raised, lived and/or worked in Southwest Philadelphia. The organization contains and is always looking for individuals who are willing to give back to a community that has given them a lot in a variety of ways.

The original call of the organization was to individuals who have known each other for 30 years or more. Many of the founding members are currently respectable citizens of the community. Many were also related to a former organization known as the “The Woodland Avenue Street Gang.” Within this street gang was the structure to run any major business. One of our slogans: “From street gang to community organization.”

Southwest Philadelphia District Services is a non-profit organization geared to benefiting everyone in the community.

Southwest Philadelphia History

Kingsessing Township was a township in the extreme southwestern portion of the county, roughly encompassing what is now known today as Southwest Philadelphia. It was bounded on the north by Blockley Township; on the east by Mill Creek and Schuylkill River; on the south by Delaware River and Bow Creek; and on the west by Darby Creek and Cobbs Creek. It embraces the site of the old village of Kingsessing. The township contained no other settlements of any size except Maylandville. It was traversed principally by the Darby Road and the road to Lazaretto. Its greatest length, 5 miles (8.0 km); greatest breadth, 2 12 miles (4.0 km); area, 6,800 acres (28 km2). This was the oldest settled portion of the county of Philadelphia.

The name Kingsessing or Chinsessing comes from the Delaware Indian word for “a place where there is a meadow”. The origins of Kingsessing are found in the village of the same name that roughly occupied the same site as the current neighborhood. Kingsessing became the name of the township in which the original Indian and Swedish village stood



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