Candidate’s Night 2013




The Candidate’s Night hosted by the Southwest District Services, was filled to capacity as residents gathered to hear office seekers address key issues facing South, Southwest and West Philadelphia.

The event was divided into two segments.

The first consisted of candidates for the 186th Legislative district, which covers parts of South and Southwest portions of the city. Those candidates included Timothy Hannah, Jordan Harris and Damon Roberts.

The second segment consisted of candidates vying for the 188th district position of state representative where Fatimah Muhammad and incumbent state Rep. James Roebuck made their pitches to the public.

It was Harris and Roberts who went head to head in a no-holds-barred debate during the forum. 

The candidates’ debate among the West Philadelphia office seekers for the 188th district was no less competitive.

Muhammad and Roebuck challenged one another’s experience – time spent in the community and qualifications.

While Roebuck pointed to his 25 years in service and life-long residency in West Philadelphia, Muhammad told of her time spent homeless as a young child and her success as a college graduate and efforts to organize the community.



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