SWPDS provides services in the areas of cleaning, safety, as well as neighborhood initiatives,

which include the following:

  • Cleaning of public sidewalks and gutters
  • Additional removal of trash and bulky materials
  • Graffiti removal
  • Parks as well as open-space upkeep
  • Security services in conduction with the Philadelphia Police and other related community transportation services

Mission Statement

Our mission at Southwest Philadelphia District Services is to improve and maintain a positive, safe environment for the youngest to the oldest person in our community. We are a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to improve the quality of life in Southwest Philadelphia. We will accomplish this goal in unity with other individuals, community groups, businesses, corporations, foundations, and government agencies.


Southwest Philadelphia District Services vision is to maintain a full time administrative staff whose responsibilities are to manage the day to day programs and services for every person in Southwest Philadelphia from birth to death. Our Board of Directors represents a cross-section of community, professional, and nonprofessional people to represent a wide variety of perspectives and to set the direction of Southwest Philadelphia District Services.



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